My first Screen used prop restoration - Graboid


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This is a screen used graboid from the first TREMORS film!

I bought this a while ago, and it just has been slowly falling apart. First, the cables were causing a lot of stress on the body - So as sad as it was, I had to cut them out..

However, I can tell from looking inside that they can be repaired if I ever wanted to.

I only did what was totally needed - There is still a lot of damage from use as a prop, and I kept that. I really needed to address the fraying and rips on the bottom by replacing a piece, as well as reinforcing the weak areas -

Here are pics of my progress - The original Damage, the patching, and the restored -


The other only really bad part was tearing and drying / cracking on the neck. I cut some minimal foam off that was hard or rotting, then filled the removed area. After that I tried as hard as I could to color match the surrounding area. I really tried to not paint over anything that wasnt fill. Also, I tried not to paint over areas that were just scratches or minor damage from film set use.


I realize its no Spina, but I think it looks pretty good :) Also, the reinforcement of the weakened foam will keep the prop from any more damage for (I hope) a long time!
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