My First Prop


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I am a bit handy, but not until now craftsy, and a Borderlands series addict. A while back I started trying to make Mad Moxxi's Ruby which was my favorite pistol at that moment. After a bit of fail, I grabbed Bill Doran's foam books and his pattern for the Destiny Hand Cannon.

I finished it last weekend. Be kind. I am a total newb.



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Looks awesome! Try to take some more time while sanding the rounded edges on the foam, make sure to grab new sandpaper regularly, dull sand paper won't let you get nice curves. Give it a weathering pass and you're all done.


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Thanks all!

Gibbtall: Thanks for the tip. I have been reading, reading, and watching videos. Everything was sort of an experiment for me because I don't know the techniques or materials. I had to re-do a lot of stuff. You'll probably laugh. I only recently discovered Bondo . . . and wet sanding. I have been building up to the weathering pass. I had to re-paint a couple of times just to get the thing looking decent. I am working on two other projects and put the weathering pass on the back burner.
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