My Fallout 3/NV Collection (Lots of Pics!)


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I found a display case someone was throwing away so I snagged it and started assembling my Fallout collection. I still have several items to display but this is a good start.

I have been playing Fallout since it came out (Fallout 1) and have played them all, including all the DLC for the new stuff, so you might say I am sort of a fanatic. ;)

I will be making my own version of the stimpacks and have one of Skruffy's Pipboy 3000's so they will go into this collection soon. I also have both Collectors Editions of the games so that stuff will make it into the display too.

Some of the items I made, some I bought and some I found on the net and then printed and folded.

So without further delay, my Fallout Shrine....












Are those Stimpaks on the top shelf, next to the Mentats? Those look phenomenal.

One of them will be. I have parts coming in the mail to finish it and if they come out the way I plan I am going to make a few more and sell them on ebay. The other is my medx.

It's not a stimpack, as he just said, at least not yet. It's an aspirating syringe. You can get them from medical supplies from $10-$50. To turn it into a stimpack, you need a tire pressure gauge, some copper or plastic tubes, epoxy and some imagination.

Nice collection btw. But you're gonna need some guns if you want to survive the apocalypse. Or at least stuff a machete in there for safe measure.
I am really loving this collection! Do you think i could buy the med-x and fixer? Let's say starting price 20 dollars?
And by the way, i have been meaning to ask you this... What's with the vase filled with snacks, candy, and what looks to be a McDonalds toy?
I love the vault 34 pinup. Sadly i got rid of a lot of my NV/F3 stuff and will be focusing only on F1 and F2.

Like you I'm a long term FO fan.... I even played its spiritual predecessor, Wasteland (s?) on an Apple IIc.

Love the FO shrine, feels true to the world to have a cabinet stocked up with stuff.

For what its worth to my un-expert eye, it looks incredibly realistic.

Well done!
Tex, I have not been back to this thread for weeks now and just saw all of these posts. I am not trying to be rude to you just did not see any of these posts, nor yours begging for recognition.

YES. Some of the items in my case are yours, some belong to others as I gathered a lot of this from the net. I don't see them freaking out that I display their stuff, just you. Since posting of this thread I have removed your items and replaced them with items I have created as you seemed to be upset that I was using them. So the picture above is old, not my recent collection. I will be updating the pic as soon as I can.

JUST TO BE FAIR> In the pic above I GIVE CREDIT TO TEX for......

Buffout, Radx and Cateye Labels
Sugar Bombs
Potato Crisps
Blamco Mac and Cheese
Nuka and Quantum labels
Bobby Pins

Unfortunately, I don't know who all made the artwork I used for the backgrounds, I just found it on the net and thought it looked good. I NEVER CLAIMED IT AS MY OWN>

Tex, I do not know why you hate me so much, as I have apologized to you both by PM and publicly in thread, but you persist in your attacks. I have reported your abusive PM accusing me of stealing your work to the Mods and hope you will stop attacking me now.

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funny thing. all I ever asked for was credit. but boo hoo. it's an issue to give credit. One of my fans at deviantart spotted this and remembered a conversation I had with them about our previous incident. funny thing. Thanks for the credit again (after having to hound you into it AGAIN) I have nothing against you except you always pretend no credit needs to be given to artists who don't track you down.
I'm with phoenix vader. I've seen him publicly apologize and if you're that upset by people using your stuff then you should just take it offline cause i guarantee others won't be so kind as to apologize and give you credit.
He obviously didn't say he made all of the items. I think your freak out is a little over the line. Nobody usually details the maker of every single item in a picture when they post their collection unless someone asks about it. It would be totally different if he said he made all of the items pictured. I think if that was the case you'd have 95% of the RPF on your side. As it is you're not garnering much backing by posting your last response...
I have put him on my ignore list. I suggest you all do the same. He is not worth the effort, let the mods deal with him.

SVS, I thank you for your words. He is just new here and trying to make a name for himself, unfortunately it will be a bad name.

thomas ;)
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