My executor Kit


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Hi everybody,

I continue to work on my scratch executor (not completed, neither painted).

You can see some photos on the following links :


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It's 58cm log. i.e. the photo is about as the original size.

For the present time, only the top surface is ready (I just finished the rear yesterday evening).
But because I had the opportunity to have a numerical camera, I took these photos this week, because this part was completed.

I hope, it will be completed and the end of july.


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I will try (with my poor english).

In the past, I was CAD conceptor for Philips and after that, Mitsubishi Electric. During this time, I modelised in 1996 in 3D the Executor, using photos that I had and the very small Executor from Micro Machine. You had to understand that at the period of time, there was almost no Internet ! So no photo of the ILM kit were available. So, I made small mistakes !
My purpose was to create a 2m long scratch Executor. I began it, but, because of the birth of my two sons, I have o time to continue for the present time.
Then, I decided to make another one, smallest, but as much detailed, as the big one.
I made a reduction of my original CAD drawings and decided to create this one at the same scale as the Imperial Star Destroyer from Micro Machines. The exact lenght of the executor is not true in lot of source books, when you compare it with the movie. I take example on the SW Chronicles who gives 8km, but in the reality, it seems to be more. So, my kit is 8 times the lengt of a ISD (about 12.5km).
The main material I used is "styron" ; it is plastic sheets (1mm thick) that I engraved to create this "net" that you see on the main surface. Thanks to lot of photos that a friend of mine sent me, I made the superstructure, with other thickness of styron and detailed that, sticking lot of small electronic components or other small parts of plastic.


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This time, it was a one shot. But for the other one, that would be the original to create resine kit, the conception is a little bit different.
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