My Episode 7 3D printed blaster


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This is my take on the Episode 7 3D printed blaster. All printed apart from the barrel which is PVC pipe in the blaster building tradition.


Its by no means perfect and I had to make a few changes to accommodate the PVC barrel but i'm very pleased with the result. :)

Your comments gratefully accepted, be kind.


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Wow that looks fantastic, great work. I just purchased a 3D printer and I hope I can create 3D models like this.


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Nobody ever mentions how much materials cost for certain items to be printed. Even ballpark costs would be nice.


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You've made an extremely decent job! Well done! I can see more details on your model than on some "professional" propmakers' ones.

And that screw-on stock is amazing. Did you design it, or did you buy the ATI stock and converted it?


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This looks amazing!
Did you do the modeling?
If not where can i purchase those models to print! =D


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Thanks for all the kind words. Filament wise I could probably print 3 or 4 from a single drum of filament which cost about £18. Cheap as chips. There is over 100 hours of work gone into the model which I did myself from various reference images from Celebration. Probably looking at 20 - 30 hours printing time for all the bits. It took many more hours than that and lots of failed prints while I worked on cutting up the model for printing. Lots of epoxy and super glue and lights are from a head torch. Probably cost £20 to make in materials but it's the sheer number of hours of assembly and the design work in the first place.

Stock is my own design based on the single reference image from the trailer and reference photos of the ATI stock. 3D printed.

version 2 is in the works with a working trigger and hopefully less assembly.


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Knew I had seen troopers with stocks on their boasters. Look at both the troopers and the flame troopers in the background. May just be artistic licence by the artist but I love that look.


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Can you make a Phasma one? with all the details you did for this? non painted. I will get it chrome with my armor i am getting. let me know, thanks