My dog's Wampa Costume...Beware the WAMPUG!

Star Wars Chick

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Each year Art Andrews and I come up with a costume for my girl Chubbs. She, I must say, is an incredibly good sport about it. We had been planning to do an AT-AT for a year and a half after getting the idea from a Sheldon comic and would have done it last year but already had Freddy Pugger planned. So we had started working on it when pictures of the Greyhound in the AT-AT came out. I was pretty crushed needless to say. We finally decided to scrap that idea and come up with something new quick. We had an idea but couldn't find the right color of fur and when we saw the all white fur at the store, Art said "Wampa" and that was it! We started this Wednesday or Thursday and just finished it last night. You thought your biggest fear on Hoth was the Wampa, but now you will fear...the WAMPUG!

For those on Facebook, here they are to share:!/media/set/?set=a.10150426445589120.416803.615969119&type=1

James Kenobi 1138

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I already 'liked' it on FB and shared one of the pics with my friends because that's such an awesome idea for a costume. Very clever, and that pic with upside-down Luke is FTW.

You guys did a great job !


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Oh sure it's all fun and games now that is untill some MIB Agents show up and Chubbs exacts her revenge ;)

Then we will see who laughs last! :p

Star Wars Chick

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We almost decided not to do them and let her own claws showed. Glad I decided to add them as they really made the costume look complete.


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That is awesome. Did you post video anywhere? Isuspect seeing him walk/run would be funny as hell.

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