My Custom Iron Man Helmet Projects x2


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Hi guys, finally got a couple of Iron Man Helmets MK7, I've been wanting helmets since 2008 , i bought them online recently, one I'm keeping Original Iron Man & customising the other, i just wanted to start off, by showing these pix & getting some suggestions of you guys on where to start off, I've got plenty of Modelmaking/ materials / graphic design & animation experience, but haven't tackled something like this before.

To be honest the resin isn't that bad on the outside there is not many imperfections, some burst air bubbles, some smoothing needed , other resin edges clean up etc.

As for filling in bubbles & gaps i thought maybe some more resin sanded down, & or modelling putty for air bubbles or shaping slight moulding indentations etc.

The main helmet surface & neck piece is very smooth already, minus a couple of resin bumps etc. same for the inside of booth helmets , pretty smooth surface, some overcast resin & sharp edges.

The Separate neck part fits onto the back of the main helmet ok ,there might be some slight gaps where parts don't line up too well, but where the ear pods are unfortunately the resin obviously has curved inwards, i thought it might be possible to keep the original neck resin cast piece & remove the curved resin parts (just where ear buds are) , (any suggestions)

The faceplates came with a basic screws & plastic opening mech, which defiantly needs removing & replacing with something cooler :). Needs resin edges smoothing. & of course detailing.

As for the inside , there is a lot of surplus resin that will need removing & sanding etc. One helmet fits me better than the other , also (my chin gets in the way), i might need to remove slight chin area of the resin so that i can slip my head in the correct position.

As for the other helmet , there is a lot of surplus sharp resin inside. In certain areas.
Around the "mouth" & "cheek" area

Whats the best way to go for inside the helmet, basic foam?, what is the best way of making sure the helmet is positioned on my head/face correctly, keeping it securely from moving while wearing when faceplate is open etc.

When making things i don't like stuff to be too complicated, trying out simple ways , but keeping the projects looking fantastic :) (too many projects on the go!)

Any suggestions , materials , what to do, would be much appreciated cheers.
The more info on the helmets on all aspects of finishing them & how i can go ahead with everything when i have the time ( or stop doing 10 projects at once ;) )


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