My completed Grail Diary

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I am no expert. I know there are people who know a lot more about that sort of thing than I do, but that looks superb to me. Beautiful work.

Boba Frett

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I personally don't have one, nor seen one in person , but what I see from the pics it looks like a nice piece :)

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Looks great to me. Weathering is really well done (at least as compared to the pics shown in the SW to Indy book).

Handwriting is a little too "clean" and print-ish, but with all the great work you've done, that seems like a style choice and IMO doesn't detract much at all.

Great work.



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Yeah as far as the handwriting goes. My Grandfather, My Father, and I have almost identical handwritting so I wanted the grail diary to appear to the casual looker to be something that was passed down to me through the years. It's a personal choice I made to take a "PROP" and turn it into something that's more personal to me. And one day if it's still around I can fuel my sons imagination with tales of Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Fathers "adventures" as it may be.

I want a child who uses his mind to play and doesn't need a machine and a controller to do it. Like when I was a young chap I use to get SO excited when Mom and Pop would get paper bags instead of plastic bags from the grocery store because I knew I could get my hands on them and after a couple hours of careful cutting and some great crayon work I could have as many treasure maps as I wanted. Here's to the future.



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That looks great. :D

I think it's cool you went a different route with the "handwriting" and I like that it's consistant throughout the book.

I think the Grail Diary is one of the best iconic IJ props and I think you've done a great job interpreting it. Thanks for sharing.

What methods did you use to make it? I'd love to hear more.



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Great looking diary :thumbsup

Would love to hear more about it's origin and construction.

I started doing a diary using a close enough book and then hand writing and drawing all the pics and text. It got canned about 15 pages in when I found a better blank diary from one of our members, Sulla. So I hope to re-start the diary and I'm always looking for helpful hints.

You obviously did all the text by hand, but how about the pics? What method did you use? Were they printed before the diary was made or are they stamped or done with carbon paper (probably the method I'm going to use)



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I have been working on mine... very slowly... for years now and I have to commend you on the different style. I really think your version with your natural handwriting turned out great.

Did you draw the drawings or were they printed? Either way they look good. Did you bind that book yourself?

Pretty cool job there and I definitely appreciate the originality.


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Mike J.

Master Member
Nice diary. The Egyptian money is a nice touch. ((Speaking as the proud owner of a Wampa diary))

There's a way to transfer B&W copies using Wintergreen oil (I think). Should make people's diary-ing easier.

And, personally, the diary can never have too many inserts :)



Sr Member
Okay I'm going to attempt to tell the story of this diary... but if there are points you don't understand forgive me I'm pretty sick today.

My orginal diary was made approx. 2 years ago. I found a great close enough leather journal at Barnes and Noble and decided as soon as I saw it, it would become a Grail Diary. When I was in high school I remember sitting in history class and doodling images from the diary on my notes and things like that so I figured it was time to have an offical one.

Looking back now I have to say that I belive the first diary I made was rushed. I think I finished it within 2 months. Here are some of the pictures of my old diary.

The Diary had a soft flexable cover and as you can see from the writing it looks rushed and uneven. So about a year and a half ago over on the Club Obi Wan Forum someone was selling a "blank" Indy Magnoli diary. Now for those who don't know Magnoli is pretty much the best at what he does. So I was able to buy Magnoli's diary for approx. $70 bucks and I sold my old one to a very nice woman over on C.O.W. for $60.00

Let's just say it wasn't what I was expecting. The guy who sold it too me is the kinda guy who goes onto the Forum and "Sells" all his Indy Gear and then 3 days later posts that he want's to buy more Indy Gear and then posts nothing else. The diary didn't have the smooth leather cover it was suppost to, it seemed that the cover was made of felt not leather and all the pages had the same distressing.

So I contacted Indy Magnoli and he instructed me to send it too him and he'd see what he could do with it. He returned it to me and it was beautiful.

SO now it was time to start my new diary. It took me approx. 8 months from start to finish. I swore that I wasn't going to rush it. And now you see the final result.

Now as far as tips and tricks I can provide... I did all of my drawings by hand from pictures of the orginal diary over on C.O.W.

There are also people who provide the actual story for the diary as well.

Now as far as people who are not the best artists in the world my suggestion would be to get carbon paper like someone has already suggested. Print the image out on the printer, I printed it 4X6 which is the closest to the diary size, cut a peice of carbon paper the same size and staple around the edges where you won't have to draw. Then tape it or hold it down to the page you need to insert, trace the image onto your diary page and then go over with ink. And bingo you have the image in your page. If you goto the Club Obi Wan Forum you see LOTS of people offering more tips and tricks on how to complete the diary.

If you have any other question don't hesitate to e-mail or PM me... I'm willing to help out anyway I can.

Yours In Adventure-

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