My Boots for My Cap Costume.


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Hi everyone.

As some me of you know, I've been working on putting together a Captain America costume. It's not from any one specific source, so it has elements from several things in it.

Today the boots for the costume arrived. I like how they look with the costume.

I went with brown because the gloves I have to go with my gauntlets are brown leather, the helmet I've made has brown leather (actually vinyl), and the utility belt will end up being brown.

I like how they look, and when the belt is done I think the whole thing will tie together really nicely. The boots are each two pieces...short boots with some buckled gaiters to go over them.

I just wanted to share. Comments are welcome!



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The costume is coming together nicely but do you really need a new thread for every piece of your costume? Why not just put everything together into one build thread?