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Over the past year I've put together a ROTS Anakin costume. It is all home made or modified, with help from friends in some areas, all be it save for the hooded robe, which was comissioned. I wanted to post these here to get some feedback on the costume. I'm fairly proud of it though constantly looking for room to improve and little pet projects to add to it. I am a member of the Southern Outpost of the 501st (SL-4358) and love it there it awesome to troop with those guys and I can't wait to return for my second year at D*Con. So I fealt it couldn't hurt to post a few pics here for some constructive criticism.

Here are a few shots from last years Dragon*Con. I had too much stage make up on and I had yet to resole my boots or purchase the human hair wig or either sets of colored contacts.

And here are two shots from Chattacon this last weekend.

Sorry that the pics aren't top quality. :unsure

Let me know what you think. :thumbsup or :thumbsdown

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awesome, i think the mech hand is a little over sized, that one shot the contacts where over the a bad to yellow...and in the first shot ur hair could use some work... he he and in the last pic, the food capsules were like not attaches neough (i have like a phobia, when i see and electical plug not all the way in i have to go and plug it in, so that is why i commented on the capsules)

other wise insane.

one thing that would be really awesome, kinda dumb, and over the top, would have ur force fx, and a real MR anakin on ur covertec belt holder....or...idk....
Maybe you should get your camera fixed you seem to be getting some kind of red eye effect :p

Only kidding.

You look great you have obviously put a lot of time and effort into your costume and it shows.

The photo where you are looking over your shoulder with your saber behind you really nails the look.

Fantastic :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

Thanks for sharing :)

Cheers Chris.


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Actually the glove is a modded rubies glove. You slice the oversized monkey open add padding and then sew back together. This includes resewing all the straps to center right and accentuate the padding. Note that since your not adding any material the padding will shrink the glove a bit. Then you find a serpentine car belt with the right grooves. You cit the strips to match the strips on the glove then you fold them and let them take that shape then you cement the suckers on and wether the heck out of it. Presto change-o a decent Anakin glove for under $40 all together with materials and time.

And thanks for the comments.


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Very nice work. :)

As excellent as the costume and makeup are, I think the ultimate touch is your own physical projection: your facial expression and posture really pull it all together and sell this as Anakin.

Well done. :thumbsup


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Everything looks great but something is bugging me a little about the hair. I can't quite place it... almost as if its too big on top or something. Otherwise your costume rocks.


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Originally posted by WebChief@Jan 28 2006, 03:34 PM
Everything looks great but something is bugging me a little about the hair.  I can't quite place it... almost as if its too big on top or something.  Otherwise your costume rocks.
Yeah same here, it looks like you need to get the top more layered or somthing, other than that looks great. :thumbsup


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The first two shots agin are of my old sinthetic wig the second are of my human hair wig.

Normally for big events I'll cut it down before because my natural hair is curl and poof and doesn't absorb water. So cause the freaky brilo pad I inherited from the gentic lottery I have to make sure to trim i before more exclusive events. But having recently highlighted it I wasn't planning on cutting it for a con I didn't pay anything for. But yeah it annoys me too.

It'd make for an easy ATOC Ani. I wish I'd had a better shot of the wig cause wit the faux scalp alota times it freaks people out knowing its real hair but not my hair.

Order 66, having it my way. :D

Nah if I had better shots of it I'd post the ones of me in another SO's Vader armor (which I wore over my Anakin minus belt, boots, and glove talk about unbearable heat) but Corey is like twice my size in heeight and muscles. So it swallowed me. But it was fun to wear the hard vader all but the bucket and keep my evil eyes and wig and stuff on.

I'll post up some good detailed shots of pieces soon cause I realised you can't really see the boots we modded. :rolleyes


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i definitely like the progression of the makeup since dragoncon.

here's my favorite pic from that shoot:

i'm the dead tusken on the left :)


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Great costume, you've done an impressive job on putting it all together. :thumbsup

With regard to the wig, maybe you could apply some hair gel or mouse on it to give it that 'matted' kind of look? :

Great pics too - thanks for sharing. :)


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looks good overall..i would like to see more pics of your mods on the glove as i need to modify my rubies as well...yours looks pretty good...i took have short hair and have come up with a possible solution...i took a wig that i got from lacy's and basically cut out the entire hair is very similar in texture and style to anakins when it gets a little longer so i basically pulled my own hair out of the center of the wig (which matches my hair color obviously) and blended it with the wig...made it look much more real and gave me the lenght on the side and back.


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I'm not sure that I really noticed the new wig. I guess you had it at the parades, but I didn't get any close-up pictures. It does look better, but I agree with others that it needs to look a little messier.

Originally posted by Star Wars Man@Jan 27 2006, 01:23 PM
one thing that would be really awesome, kinda dumb, and over the top, would have ur force fx, and a real MR anakin on ur covertec belt holder....or...idk....
I still have one of these laying around with your name on it.