Mustache Masters....I need your help


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OK, so I had a good fake mustache/soul patch for a nice mausketeer VanDyke look, but about half way through the day the spirit glue gave out.

I want to be able to talk, and smile , and laugh, and drink etc...

I have been trying to search something on the boards, but I am not getting anything so far.

So what is a good quality fake mustache, where would I get it, and how would I glue it to my face to last 6+ hours?

Thanks much
I have these sites saved from some old threads:

Costume Facial Hair | Wilshire Wigs & Accessories


Garland Beauty Products | Beard and Moustache Sets

I personally prefer using liquid latex because it's flexible, and comes off easily. I used it for my Silent Bob beard and walked around NYC for several hours with no problems at all.
e.g: This was actually at about the four hour mark. Still holding strong.

And the liquid latex is nice, because at the end of the night, it just peels off, you don't have to worry about using a solvent or scrubbing your face raw.
So do you just brush on a thin layer of the liquid latex and then stick the appliance to it? Doesn't the latex sort of seep into the mustache/beard through the mesh in the back? Meaning, does it damage it for later uses?
try Pros aide . i have used it for foam latex appliances for several hours while sweating my @ss off. holds up pretty well under those conditions. so for just a beard it should do the job.
Hi there. I just found this fabulous site & joined. I think what you guys do is so creative & fascinating!
I'm into quality human hair extension sets, individual pieces, all with clip ins, as well as hair plugs for dollmaking. I've been dealing in them for a few yrs after my hubby, in his extreme wisdom, purchased boxes & boxes of it from a friend who was going out of business (of course, forgetting to mention it to me!)
My family & friends went gaga over them, & I've never looked back, selling lots of it, & still have scads left.

After I registered here & read the rules, realized I cannot sell anything here until I've met the criteria. But that's okay.

I've made beaded braids with the individual pieces (1 clip pieces) for wearing; large braids for retail hair clip/ barrettes displays and I want to try my hand at making mustaches, beards & eyebrows. I think I will begin with the full crown pieces, cut them down, as they have the strong backing material. The other pieces can be cut down, clips removed to make mustaches & beards as well.

When I feel I'm ready, I will try to fashion the more elaborate handlebars & such.
I use wig tape. It still sweats off eventually and hurts to pull off, but it works a lot better than spirit gum and is flexible. You can find it at wig shops, it's designed to keep lace-front wigs on, so it's specifically designed to stick to areas of skin that sweat a lot.
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