"Music box" display for my DL-44 C02 Full Auto .177 :)


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It plays my favorite song when I push the red button:)

The blaster itself is built on a full metal Legends C02 Full/Semi auto .177 bb gun. the Blaster Factory mount is super glued to the frame so the gun still functions. Had to grind a lot to get it flush. The scope and flash hider are 3D printed from Ebay. The 3D printed mount snapped right away and a member here recommended Blaster Factory. Great company.
The "Sound" is from a Star Wars birthday card. I removed the chip and speaker and embedded it into the foam.

I made this to donate to an upcoming charity action but I am worried nobody will appreciate the value. It's not a toy you would just give to your kid. It is also not meant to just sit on a shelf, it is a ton of fun to shoot:)

DL-44 from Pyramid Air $150
Mount from BF - $60
Ebay flash and scope $20
BD card $5
Wood and foam - had leftover but say, $15
Hinges $5

Time... been working on this off and on for months. a lot of hours including trial and error and research.
If I did another one I could probably knock it out in 5-10 hours.


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