Mr. Steed Costume? (Classic Avengers)

Rhett Thanas

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I'm trying to put together a Mr. Steed costume from the 1960's Avengers series. Many of his suits are Savile Row Suits (expensive) and the design of what is available from those tailors has evolved considerably.

Does anyone have any ideas for finding vintage 1960's suits in good condition? Or new suits that emulate the 1960's style? The slim cut is often as 'Mod Cut' when it is sold nowadays. I've only found one seller on eBay that sells a handful of vintage suits that are close to what I need (but slightly expensive with the unfavorable currency conversion).

Has anyone put a Mr. Steed costume or similar costume together? If so, did you come across any good resources for suits or bowlers?

Here are some photos for references. Any help is so appreciated.





I'm not much of a costumer but that's one I've wanted to do for years. The main problem, like you point out, is that Patrick Macnee's suits were all custom made--as the series progress he even designed them. The bowler hats were reblocked too so you'd have to find one and have it modified my a good milliner. I've looked on occasion for several years without much success but I haven't searched very seriously either.

I know that doesn't add much to your thread but if anyone else has anything I'm very interested too!
I have several Steed costumes...there are some good resources in the UK I'll have to dig my notes out.
But be honest you want to see Mrs Peel don't you
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