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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by kalkamel, Feb 8, 2006.

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    Guys, I'm kinda new at ordering from MR online (I'm from the other side of the world). I jumped at the buy-2-FX-sabers-get-one-free deal yesterday but when I checked my order status it still says "Ordered/Preordered" and "Processing" (after almost 24 hours). Is that the norm? Thanks.

    P.s. I've e-mailed MR's customer support but have yet to receive any reply from them.
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    Unfortunately that is normal. There are several items that I received months ago from MR that still show as "Ordered/Preordered" when I check my order status.

    You should receive an email from MR when your order ships with the tracking information.

    Hope this helps ;)
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    I, too, am on the other side of the world from MR. And MR doesn't have a toll-free number for international calls. :cry I spent upwards of US $40.00 on the phone trying to get a problem cleared up. (And the problem ultimately wasn't even corrected.)

    Which leaves a lot of us international clients in the position of trying to get customer service via e-mail. MR used to be fairly quick to respond (say, within a week), but these days you're lucky to hear back at all, at least based on my personal experience.

    All of which is by way of saying: the lack of response to your message, and the perennial "Ordered/Pre-Ordered," are, alas, normal. :(

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