MR Narnia Peter's Sword Question


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Guys, any idea if the blade on the MR Peter's Sword is prone to rusting since it is not made of stainless steel? If so, how do I care for it to prevent rust? I have Ren that enough and how often to use it?

James Kenobi 1138

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You can use a polishing agent with protective qualities, or a light rub with good old mineral oil will protect almost any metal.


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I have a lot of high-end swords and my experience is based on those; I'm not much for wall hangers but at least this one isn't stainless steel :)

I use RenWax (Renaissance Paste Wax), and have been using it for a decade or so. In Hawaii I was cleaning the old wax off and re-waxing every three months. If I didn't, there would be some surface rust (especially on the 1095 steel). In Texas, once a year or a bit longer. Depends on the humidity ;)