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Hey guys,

Working on a Mr. Freeze that is going to be an amalgam of different versions of the character. It's going to be a quick build as I need it to be done next Friday so I can register it for the C2E2 costume contest. They require an application instead of registering at the show for whatever their reasons.

For the helmet I am using Bak55's take on a space helmet. Using concrete forming tubes, sump pump tubes, and an acrylic lamp bowl from Once I have all the parts I am going to coat the cardboard and foam with StyroSpray 1000 to give it a hard plastic coating.

I am going to build foam gauntlets and other armor from EVA and attach it to the coveralls that I am using for a base suit.

I am going to customize a freeze gun from cheap Nerf guns and Frankenstein one together.

I have some EL lighting that I am going to outfit the suit with. I am going to also fashion a backpack from the gigantic empty toner bottles that I get from work.
First time working with styrospray. Stuff is pretty amazing. Found some issues with with but easily fixed through trial and error. If left to cure in a colder area (my basement) it can form nasty air bubbles as can other sealnts, and also foam brushes seem to work the best with this stuff.

Works great on cardboard, decent on Eva foam. I will say I love it a ton more than Plastidip/Modge Lodge/other Eva sealers and will stick with using styrospray until something better comes along.

- - - Updated - - -

- - - Updated - - -

Work on the backpack is nearing completion.

I have all the pieces for the suit done, sealed and currently the base coat is drying on the pieces. The styrospray coated pieces dry slower, base coat remains a bit tacky so I am leaving it to dry overnight.

Started wiring up the lighting for the suit. The LEDs are coming in on Monday so I can only wire up so much right now. Only 5 days left to get this done, hoping to finish up by Tuesday night tho.
Nearing completion on the build. Everything is painted. Electronics are almost done. Freeze gun is basically done, just need to attach the hose that connects to the backpack.

(For those wondering, the gun is a gutted and modded bazooka toy from Amazon. Basically just used the shell.)

Should have everything done by Wednesday night!

Mr. Freeze is about 24 hours from completion!

Backpack just needs straps and painted details. Velcro needs to be attached for the straps. And the helmet will need a bit more gluing to hold the globe on but all in all I am pretty happy about this costume considering its been about a week to build it.

Where did you get the helmet bulb from? It works really well for this design!

Thanks! The link for the globe is below. A lot of things I read said not to cut it with a Dremel since it would melt the acrylic around the cut but I didn't have that issue, worked just fine with steel Dremel blades.

- - - Updated - - -

Well that really is a speed build. I like how it's going so far.

Much appreciated! Long hours after work the last few days haha. I need to finish the costume before Friday evening so I can submit it to C2E2 for consideration for their costume contest.

Once I am "finished" I plan on adding some more accessories to the costume with the 4 weeks between the submission and the actual contest. Extra tubing, armored should and possibly thighs, etc.
Dang, that's looking great!

Also, love the pic with the lights turned off... that's really sick.

Thanks bud. My bathroom doesn't lend itself too well to progress pics, especially with lights in the helmet pointing up and my bathroom light directly above me, they were locked in never ending illuminated warfare!

Shut the lights off and I felt like Rocket Raccoon when he gets his machine gun in the prison scene, just let out a slow "oooohhhhh yeaaaahhhhh" and knew I had to take a pic.
For those wondering what the tubes are for the backpack they are empty Ricoh 6110D toner bottles that I collected from my job instead of throwing them away. They always looked cool to me and knew I'd be able to use them for something someday and they worked perfectly for this.

Here is the version I am submitting to C2E2. Still a ton I need to finish, armor on the bicep and thighs, tubing running from the backpack into the bicep armor and bracers, finish the boots, etc.But now that I have the hard stuff finished I now have the next 5 weeks to add the extra tubing, more details, and weather the paint.

Had a blast at C2E2 competing in the Crown Championship of Cosplay. Here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend.

This one is from the Chicago Tribune.

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