MR close to Enterprise avail. for ordering

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by michael, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. michael

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    From time to time MR sends me a survey email asking about my experience w/ customer service.
    I asked them when the prop would go beyond a BLOG entry and become reality.
    Here's the short but sweet response:
    "We are indeed going to make an Enterprise this year. It should be up for sale within the next couple of months."
    Guess it's time to join the Collector's Society for price break and early ordering status. :)
  2. rad1701

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    A couple of months. That's probably a safe window when it will be up for order. I'd still bet anyone we won't see this released in 2006.
  3. clonesix

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    As much as I would love an enterprise, I will wait until they are made before I buy one. I may pay a little extra, but it will be in hand. I look forward to seeing their enterprise.
  4. Admiral Nogura

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    I just hope they have a display ready for San Diego Comic Con.Be nice to see what you're buying first.

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