Movies that make you cry.


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Career Opportunities - Seeing how Jennifer Connelly USED to look back in her prime.

Familyman - You seriously CRIED in Superman Returns when he was getting beaten up??

Yes I did, Superman has always been important in my life. When I was a kid he got me through some very hard times. And to see him getting beaten up like that made me cry, and yes I was sitting right next to my wife at the time.
And like someone else has posted, when he falls to earth near the end of the movie, that did it also.


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The last Rocky film was so sentimental as he was remembering his life - awesome stuff concerning Adrian... For tv, the Dr Who episode with / about Vincent Van Gogh was amazing - the end of that gets me, big time...


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Ah! I got another one! The ending of TRON: Legacy, from the point where they get to the portal to the final shot. It invoked the same kind of feeling I had with the original's ending. Granted, I can't talk about what happens (for those who haven't seen it yet), but the film leaves me with the same the feeling of hope that the original did.


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Sure TV can count.
I cried when the 10th doctor regenerated, It wasn't because I didn't want David tennant to go or anything like that, it was how well he played the scene. When he says "I don't want to go" I cried like a baby.


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Never cried, but I have tears well up during..
dare I admit, "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore, one of the few chick flicks I like.
One of the harry potter movies when Cedric died and his father crying "my son!" over his body. There are others, but that's all I can remember.


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A LOT of moments in Rocky 6 really get to me too. Especially the deleted scene with Paulie.

The scene where trinity dies in Matrix Revolutions chokes me up.

Episode II when Anakin snaps and then when he is talking to his dead moms grave.

When Big daddy dies in kick ass. That gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The mickey loves you speech from rocky V.

There are a bunch of scenes throughout Dragonball Z that really get me too.

There are a ton of em.... I'm a sap.


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Schindler's List
Field of Dreams
to name a few
I can't watch movies where animals are hurt or killed.. the cartoon ones are worse :cry


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I got a bit choked up in Tron Legacy when Flynn was telling Sam about Tron's fate. I remember actually gasping the first time I saw it.

Oh yeah, and the ending of Return of the King. So bittersweet and satisfying.


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Definitely Field of Dreams, my dad took me to see it when it came out in the theater and he cried. I have a 4 year old son, every time I see that scene where they play catch I think of him and I'm crying like a baby.

The part where Tom Cruise walks into the Emperor's chambers after the final battle in The Last Samurai, holding Katsumoto's sword, when he says "If you believe me to be your enemy, command me, and I will gladly take my life", kinda gets to me.

The end of Toy Story 3.

The end of Dances With Wolves, when "Wind In His Hair" is yelling above the canyon to DWW, "Can't you see, you will always be my friend". And the haunting music that played, makes me feel like a real beyatch.

Even though I was 9 years old, the one ewok that died in Return of the Jedi.

My wife made me watch The Notebook, miserable depressing movie, a few scenes got me choked up.

The ending to Return of the King, yeah, that got to me.


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E.T. Period.

One of my all-time favorite movies, yet I have a hard time bringing myself to watch it because I don't wanna get all choked up and cry again, hahaha!

I'm 33 and it still gets to me after all these years.

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The only part of a movie that has ever, and still does, make my eyes well up, is in Armageddon, when Grace is saying good-bye to Harry over the video link-up towards the end.

I chalk that down to the fact that I have a daughter and therefore relate to it in a pretty intense way :cry

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The endings of these three movies get me EVERY time:

Toy Story 3. If you don't at least tear up at the end of this one you're a cyborg.

The Green Mile.

Saving Private Ryan.



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There's only been one movie to bring me to tears...Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I have a real hard time watching it, the story hits real close to home.

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Okay everyone used to talk about how "E.T." will make you cry. I used to cry at the drop of a hat when I was a young lad.

I did not cry during "E.T.", and I saw it when I was 12 years old.

My parents thought I was a pod person.

Sometimes I well up at films- some can be obvious, and some are pretty bizarre...

The obvious ones-

Titanic: "Jack, there's a boat."

Wrath of Khan: "His was the m-most... Human." (And subsequent Amazing Grace on the bagpipes).

Some are a little more "I really shouldn't be crying at this"...

"Galaxy Quest": When Quellec is dying in Alexander's arms and Alexander recites the line he loathes to say- "By Grabthar's hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged." It gets to me as Quellec is being granted the one thing he has always wanted to hear his entire life- which has now come to an end.

"2010": After understanding that he is about to be destroyed by Jupiter exploding, HAL asks Dr. Chandra "Will I dream?". To which Chandra responds "I don't know" (telling HAL the truth).

And some are downright bizarre...

"Monty Python and the Holy Grail": After King Arthur and Sir Bedevere have successfully crossed the Bridge of Death, there is an "angelic music cue"- this cue is heard by Arthur and Bedevere leading the way for them...

For whatever reason I can't help but think about the fact that Graham Chapman (King Arthur) died at a young age of 48. The music cue gets to me.

"Mars Attacks": the Slim Whitman song "Indian Love Call" that is used to destroy the Martians makes me cry. I don't have a clue why. I think the depressing retirement home has something to do with it.

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