Movies that make you cry.


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Never cried, but I have tears well up during..
dare I admit, "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore, one of the few chick flicks I like.
One of the harry potter movies when Cedric died and his father crying "my son!" over his body. There are others, but that's all I can remember.

Man I love Ever After, great movie.


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Armageddon always got to me, when Harry says goodbye to over the video uplink.

The first time I watched Highlander:Endgame and Connor dies I cried.

As far as TV, when Anthony Edwards dies in ER.

Idaho Jones

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Life is Beautiful, watched it once and I've never been able to put it in again. Probably the only movie I own that I've only watched once


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The only part of a movie that has ever, and still does, make my eyes well up, is in Armageddon, when Grace is saying good-bye to Harry over the video link-up towards the end.

gets me everytime. As for tv, for me, its gotta be Futurama episode Jurasic Bark. It actually got nominated for an Emmy for that episode, which aired back in 2002 I believe. I cry like a baby everytime at the end :(

Heres the ending, but it has more affect if you watch the whole episode of course.
YouTube - Futurama: Jurassic Bark Ending‬‏

Hell, I get chocked up just reading the plot from the wiki page, such a wuss lol
Jurassic Bark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Heres some real life dogs that pretty much followed suite.ō
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A lot of the above, and

LOTR-ROTK, When All of Gondor takes a knee.

I lose it right before that, when Arwen show up, and you read Elrond's lips, and he says "Go to him." She curtsies, and he stops her by the chin, and lays that big ol' kiss on her! By the time they bow to the Hobbits, I'm well on my way to slitting my wrists! :lol

Forrest Gump, at the tree. "He's so smart Jenny!" Everytime . . .

Boondock Saints II Dream sequence, when their buddy who was just shot comes skating up, "Thanks fah cahmin' out!"

The Santa Clause, when everyone gets there gifts.

Elf, when Santa's sleigh sneaks up on the crowd and "A New Hopes" over the heads, and the music cue just nails ya! Bam!

End of Edward Scissorhands

Whole ending of Star Trek: Wrath of Khan
Whole opening of Star Trek that music does it. Even got my girlfreind the first time I got her to watch it!

And I'm probably alone on this one, but at the end of Star Trek IV, when Spock and Sarek have that great exchange, ever so breifly and logically, basically telling each other how much they love each other, and Kirk watches quietly. Ends so perfect with "Tell her, I feel fine."


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Did not read all posts, but I agree with almost all of those which have been stated.

<--- Huge sap.

I will add:

"Artex, PLEASE! You have to try! You have to care!" (The Neverending Story) - Cried when I was 8, cried when I was 18, cry when I'm 28, will cry forever.
"I'll eat you up, I love you so" (Where the Wild Things Are) - My mom read this story to me every night as a kid, and said this to me all the time.


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Along with several that have already been mentioned, the end of Shawshank gets me every single time.


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Gallipoli, E.T., Platoon, when Chewie goes nuts in the carbon freezing room, Lost & Doctor Who have gotten me more than a few times.
On occasion this scene gets me a little choked up:

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I'm a total sap (I posted a whole thread about how I bawled at Toy Story 3), but the worst, most consistent offender is the Iron ****ing Giant. I literally CAN NOT control myself at the end of that movie, and I've seen it dozens of times.


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I forgot to add, going with the tv shows and im sure Ill get laughed at, but the last episode of Lost I cried at the end. The last 15+ minutes and especially the very end when Vincent comes up to Jack and lays down next to him as he dies.


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I'm a total sap (I posted a whole thread about how I bawled at Toy Story 3), but the worst, most consistent offender is the Iron ****ing Giant. I literally CAN NOT control myself at the end of that movie, and I've seen it dozens of times.

100% agreed. That movie is such a tear jerker!


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Definitely the bit where granddad Ryan drops to his knees in front of Capt Miller's grave brings a lump to the throat. Always reminds me of my own Granddad getting emotional whenever a war film came on.

Anything with animals dying will do it.

The Road. Pretty much all the way through LOL.

As i get older i find myself getting more outwardly emotional with all sorts of things really.
Particularly when good people do good things for those less fortunate than themselves.
I'm filling up *bites finger*


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Some movies has gotten the better of me on the first watching, and sometimes when I watch movies with my daughter I get tears in my eyes because she does :p (weirdly enough Darth Vaders childhood trilogy)
But, this one, when Arnie finds Christine battered, bruised and half-dead,and almost breaks his (other) girlfriends fingers is still almost too hard to watch. Couldn't find the exact scene, but it's the scene leading up to this sequence. (brings a tear to my eye still today, I downright cried when I read this part in the book.)
YouTube - ‪Christine "Show Me" Scene‬&rlm;


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By far the worst for me is The Elephant Man. Cried every single time! Also, the ending of Star Trek II and the ending of Iron Giant are almost unbearable.

MFP 2020

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I knew there was one I was missing.

"He was a soldier of Rome. Honor him." Turns on the tap...

"Who will help me carry him?" Opens the floodgates.

Which also reminds me of the bathtub scene in "On a Midnight Clear." Something about that military brotherhood thing that always gets me.


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The end scene of big fish.

Beauty and the beast.

Toy story 3 (crying in the cinema, looked up and seen every other guy crying to)
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