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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by aliensarchive, May 22, 2006.

  1. aliensarchive

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    Anyone know when the next issue is due?
  2. dualedge

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    Been waiting on it for a LONG time... maybe they fell behind? I'd like to know as well. Haven't heard or seen anything from them in what must be at least a year now. I forgot about it it's been so long.
  3. steveo

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    Yeah, I'm wondering too. I bought a years subscription like 3 years ago and have only received 2 editions...I believe it was supposed to be 4, so I'm still waiting for my other 2.

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  4. 8 perf

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    I was doingthe downloadable DVD covers for him, and as far as I know, issue 10 was the last for quite some time. According to Gary (Barth), he is concentrating on producing his "Master Class" line of tutorial DVD's right now. Maybe he will chime in with an update. Ditto for Matt Munson as I think he was associated with doing the website for Gary.
  5. garybarth

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    Hey Gang,

    I'm still here. We put the mag on hold for awhile until we could secure better distribution (the distributor from Borders and Barnes & Noble was slowly bleeding me dry), which is why I stopped taking subscritions. As much as I'd like to produce a whole mag for just 100 or so people, that's just not economically feasible. I didn't say anything to the few people who were still on the subscriber list (the aforementioned 100) because I thought, until recently, we may do an issue 11 as I've shot at least 4 interviews that we've never edited or used (including Phil Tippett, Gibbons' Guns, Applied FX and some others). Right now, it's not happening, as I just don't have the time.

    It's true, I am still going to produce the Master Class DVD series. I am finishing one up right now, hopefully in time for the Makeup Artist Tradeshow at the end of June. I am only putting 4 lessons on each DVD now, as this allows me to get the DVDs out faster, and since each lesson is 1/2 hour long, I don't have to compress the hell out of it to fit 3 hours worth of content. The Master Class DVDs will be $15.99 starting with vol. 3.

    For those of you who still have a couple issues due from your subscription, email me at I'll either figure out some sort of refund, or I can pay you off the equivilant amount in Master Class DVDs.

    Thanks for your patience, and your business,

    Gary Barth
  6. Robot Monster

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    Well the mag has been missed. I enjoyed each issue. How about a link and some more details on the Master Class.
  7. Megatron

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    I was looking for the FX dvd that had the behind the scences look at Bicentennial Man. The part showing the making of the silcone and vac-forming..

    Would there be a way to make behind the scense looks downloadable from the site (paid for of course)?

    Are there any back issues for sale?

  8. MattMunson

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    Back issue information, AND the info on master class III is on the website :) Check it out.

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