Most Impressive SF Model Builds You've EVER Seen...?

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Chrisisall, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Chrisisall

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    For me, THE most impressive & inspiring model build ever has been Steve Neill's recent Enterprise.


    Amazingly done ENTIRELY from scratch, it represents the pinnacle of what we as model makers and would-be special FX people aspire to. No surprise that Steve's a veteran of many of the movies we all hold dear including Star Trek: The Motion Picture & Ghostbusters!
    If you need it, he can DO it!!
    See his site/contact him at:
    Welcome To My Website

    Beatlepaul's Lost In Space first season Jupiter 2 was a great one for me to watch, being a kid at heart. His attention to detail was astounding, and it has influenced my own J2 build, which isn't finished as of yet. It's in this issue of Sci-Fi Fantasy Modeller:
    Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 24 - £11.21 : Forbidden Planet International, Your Online Entertainment Superstore for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek and more

    Note; keep an eye on the Space 1999 Eagles being built right now, this could be epic.

    So, comments? Other favourites? Stuff I missed? I'm still kind of a newbie...
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  2. PHArchivist

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    Tox's SD
  3. Chrisisall

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    Got a link?:love
  4. jedimaster

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    Definitely..... Oh and that big grey ball someone around here was doing.:behave

    Steves enterprise would have to come in there too.
  5. jedimaster

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  6. Chrisisall

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  7. Griffworks

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    I'm always impressed w/the scratchbuilt Studio Scale TOS Battlestars that have been built out there, starting with Jim Creveling's fantastic work. I've only had the privilige of seeing one in-person - Sean Sides' Galactica that he unvailed at WonderFest 2008. Awesome piece of work that had the honor of a part being broken off by Dirk Benedict, who was a gust of honor that year. It took Sean several years to finish that one and thousands of dollars.

    Of course, I'm also impressed with almost any scrachbuild or kitbash I see. Or impressed with anyone who finishes a model. I'm easily impressed, you see, because I have so few finished models....
  8. Chrisisall

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  9. SmilingOtter

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    To start with, anything and everything that Steve, Rel, and Yuumi have made.

    And yeah, Tox's SD is pretty much insanely cool.

    Probably a number of others I'm not thinking of at the moment.
  10. moffeaton

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    You guys have no idea how talented Sean Sides is, until you see the stuff with your own eyes - stellar work.
  11. Griffworks

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    Agreed, Jason. Love his work. Hope to see more of it w/my own eyes again, one of these days.
  12. Chrisisall

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  13. ozzyguanche

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    Sean Sides ever finish his 5 foot studio scale Millennium Falcon?

  14. JMChladek

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    I know Sean's work has been first rate. Thing I really like about him though is he is a great guy to be around as he doesn't seem to be an ego-maniac. He lets his work do the talking, yet he is also open to asking questions of others to help improve his work (qualities I really like in a modeler). He also does the kit stuff rather well as he took first in Realspace at IPMS Nationals last year with an Accurate Models Saturn V F-1 engine bell.
  15. darthviper107

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  16. DaddyfromNaboo

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  17. ralphee

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    Juliens ISD, its just off the hook, its not just an ISD, its an ISD, at studio scale, using accurate donors, not just a mish mash of spaghetti to get the effect.
    That said, anything by this young fella (Julien) as it has to be said, he's one of the only guys here id actually envision in the ILM shop way back.

  18. Watson

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    QFT.... I got to help unload and set up Sean's Galactica at WF a few years ago and it is stunning. I was in awe of it.

    Here is me and the man with his baby

    Me and Ryan messing around

  19. kahn1701

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    Steve Neils work is greatness.
    Its my honored to own one of
    his greatest creation to date.
    THE BIG E..

    Thanks Steve for all you do and will do..
  20. Borjis

    Borjis Well-Known Member

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    I got to see the Galactica replica at the sci-fi museum just before the exhibit ended earlier this month.

    I almost peed my pants!
  21. Scott Graham

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  22. terryr

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    Lasse, Themodelshopman has done many great builds over the years on several forums.

    The Model Shop with Lasse Henning

    How do these guys always get those reference photos?!
  23. Scifitodd

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    OMG, my favorite ship of all time! I want one! That is awesome, I'm speechless!
  24. Scratchy

    Scratchy Well-Known Member

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    My choice is Monsieur Tox's Star Destroyer hands down. I hope one day that I'll be able to see it in person.:thumbsup
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  25. joberg

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    Jason's Blade Runner Blimp is also one of my FAV:cool
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  26. Chrisisall

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    Yeah, that's just INSANE. As Indy would say, it belongs in a museum.
  27. star-art

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    Considering what day it is, this is almost like an OSCARS thread for the SSM hobby. :)
  28. Spacejunk

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    This one I saw on a Japanese site, can't remember which, but this was insanely cool.



  29. ColHero

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    All the previous posts show top notch (1%) work!

    I would add Third Models - fantastic 60's 70's Sci-Fi

    Also Rojas Bazan - crazy insane scratchbuilt aluminum planes!
    Boeing B-17G

    Also Warren Zoel: Category: Warren Zoell

    Also "Sith Fire30" - he's currently doing Nostromo interiors posted in this forum
    sith_fire30's photosets on Flickr

    TrekModellers Refit Enterprise:
    Star Trek TMP USS ENTERPRISE Photos by trekmodeler | Photobucket

    And I have to add, my own Enterprise "A" (when it's finished)
    1701-A 2013 Photos by ColHero | Photobucket
  30. morsesith21

    morsesith21 Well-Known Member

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    Too many to mention! Juliens 8 footer, Rick's 4 footer, Guy's a-wing, anything by REL and Eaton....The list goes on and on. I'm absolutely in aw of them all!
  31. metal wood

    metal wood Well-Known Member

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    anything that katsu-son has done on the rpf, very inspiring.

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