Moopsy! (Plush toy)


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My daughter is turning five this weekend, and has recently started watching lower decks with us and getting into Trek. Being a precocious redhead, she really loved the Moopsy from S04E02 of Star Trek Lower Decks (if you DON'T know what a Moopsy is:
) . I decided to take a crack at creating a "smushmallow" version of a Moopsy as a stuffed animal.

PXL_20230915_171628883 (1).jpg

I bought a pattern for a cat, and modified it then drew it out on a thick craft paper.

PXL_20230915_173951336 (1).jpg

Transferring to the fabric with a crayon wedge


All the parts cut out


Everything sewed up, before stuffing


And voila! I elected for "fangs out". Hopefully she'll be happy with this. I'm planning on a v2 that will have lowered ears, fangs on the lower jaw as well (3d printed vs felt), and a velcro access seam to put electronics inside/access for battery changes.

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