Moebius 1:48 Aries 1b Question

Richard Baker

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This has been a Grail kit since 1968. Back in the eighties I bought the rather disappointing (and greasy) Lunar Models one, years later I made the mistake of trusting Scott and paid in full for his larger Atomic City kit which was in preproduction at the time. I had his large Space Pod kit and still think it is one the finest resin kits I have seen in pefson. As everyone bere probably knows, Scott's business went south and I lost any chance of getting that kit or a refund.

This Moebius 1/48 kit is the only thing I am getting for Christmas.
It is enough.

I have been reading about it and what possible enhancements there are out there. This is what I have found
Paragrafix has a replacement hatch and docking arm socket, along with new backlit decals.
308 Bits (shapeways) has crew figures.
An eight inch LED ringlight will fit in the ceiling

(From the other thread) Paragrafix is working on some cockpit parts.

I have several weeks to get some stuff for this, does anybody know about anything else for this kit?
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I think your list is complete. I've built the kit and some parts were difficult to put together; note to self: the walls of the passenger area + elevator parts. Not crazy difficult, but not as smooth as their previous kit (EVA Pod). As you, I was on the list for Scott's kit (lost $$):mad:
I just bought it to get the orientation of the engines and paneling...a future Aries-1B is in the plan (24" in circumference). ;) Lots of pics were taken of the original + measurements.

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