Modifying a facehugger mask


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As delivered, Rubie’s facehugger mask is a shapeless, floppy latex shell, looking a little like a facehugger but more like the unnatural offspring of an octopus and an elephant.


Its faults are many: the fingers collapse; there’s no contrast between the fingers and their reinforcing web; the eyeholes are emphasized by dark rims; the face/body distorts under the tail’s weight; the tail’s posing wire does not extend to the tail root; and the tail is too short.


Still, the basic form is acceptable. To give shape to the fingers, I glued foam caulk backing rod inside the shell:

Fingers_int_01a.jpg Fingers_ext_01a.jpg

Also, the body now is reinforced with pipe insulation sleeve, and I pushed a length of copper ground wire into the basal tail. Dark paint on the webs makes the fingers appear more prominent. It’s still a work in progress, but I think much improved.

After_right_01a.jpg After_left_01a.jpg
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