Modding Parks saber with sound?


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Guys, I have posted questions about Obi Wan Ep. IV sabers all over the place and now I've come to the decision to purchase a Parks saber. I think they are more SA than a lot I have seen.

But, PLEASE don't lecture me if you feel they are not because they look good enough to me, thanks. No offense to anyone here. I think this forum has the most creative and brilliant minds around. That's why I ask you all of my stupid questions.

Okay, so I want to get the Parks saber. BUT, they have now sound, as you all know. Can sound be added later, if I so choose? Can someone with NO prop making skills do it and where do I get the stuff? Also, please direct me to a tutorial, if possible.

Thank you oh men and women of great knowledge and wisdom. :$
Short answer, yes, it can be done.

Long answer: unless you're willing to pay probably another $200-300 out of pocket, or are highly skilled with electronics, (which I gather you aren't, based on your post), it's not really feasible. If you're keeping the scrolling blade, I don't think it's possible at all, at least, not in the current industry. If you sent it out to someone to build it, you'd essentially get back a hilt that looks the same, had some holes in it for sound, and a blade that was hollow and worked like a flashlight.

It's not really doable. Certainly not by a novice.
I totally agree with you. For the money, the parksabers look mighty pretty. The phase blade sockets sit really deep into the hilt so basically you would need to gut electronics of the phase blade system. The parks lightsaber hilts only have a 3/4 inch opening down the length of the tube, but with a little creative cutting using a dremel tool , it can be made to fit a soundboard and other electronics. That Obi Saber was my first custom saber project, so dont let the lack of prop experience scare you. Though by the time i worked on it I had ample experience with a dremel tool and soddering iron.

You would need the following for a saber equipped with light and sound:
LED module -
Sound Board - (MR, Crystal Focus, Ultrasound Obsidian, Petite Crouton, Hasbro)
Battery solution

Everything would have to be soddered and wired together. I can send you the wiring diagram i used for for my Obi ANH which uses an MR Sound Board. If you wanted to try and do the work yoruself, I would go with the Ultrasound Obsidian board. It looks to be the smallest of the currently available soundboards on the market. You can get it at

I wish you the best of luck. If you decide to go the DIY route, keep us updated on your progress.
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