MMPR Red Ranger Stunt Helmet Restoration


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Hi everyone a couple weeks ago, I was sent this helmet to have repaired, cleaned, and repainted from a member on the board here. When I first took it out of the box, the only thing I could think was "this is a stunt helmet" which after finding out from micdavis in the chatroom that it was that confirmed my suspicion.
So after a couple weeks worth of work on this beauty, this is what we have.

Before Photos



After Photos - Still have a little bit of touch up I want to do here and there before it's finally done.

I just love the last photo I have in the finished set, it's so reflective you can see the front half of the one side of the helmet on the back side.
Not to bad. I think the mouth looks a bit to sparkly other than that its not to bad. I've got several helmets of my own. Who's helmet was this if you don't mind me asking?
Hm, the paint job looks really awesome! But I have a comment on the mouth are. On the Stunt and hero helmets in MMPR, the mouth section is only silver/metallic on a smaller portion than your helmet.

See picture below:
it's actually my helmet. pepmaster is doing the "finishing" touches for me. Repairing, repainting, sanding, etc. When I initially finished the helmet, I only had about a week before halloween, so I rushed it. After, I looked for people to "finish" it for me, as I didn't have the time to strip down the paint, sand, repair, etc. Well, I was just lazy LOL
Considering how much of a rush job some of the Super Sentai team costumes tended to be in those days, I wonder if the original Japanese designers knew they were going to end up creating an American Icon when all was said and done?

That looks pretty dang cool!
Honestly, I think it was by sheer luck. They produce so many "masked" themed shows back in the early 70's~current, they just need to see what "fits" with the populous. Aside from that, we also have all the Kamen Rider series, which is probably if not on par as the original Kyoryu Sentai series.
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