MK VII Gas Mask Bag

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I just bought this MK VII gas mask bag. Can any of you pros tell me if this is legit? Thanks.

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My thoughts as well Psab.
What threw me was it looks like the cloth sling may have been resown to the rings and in other pictures I noticed that the string drain hole ring looked bigger. I assume maybe that's just from variations in production during the war or maybe it was just the way the reference picture I was looking at was taken.
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There are SO many variations of these bags with dozens of manufacturers during the war... which means a lot of minor differences between the fabric, color, hardware, etc. There are no "forgeries" of these bags that I've seen out there... so if it looks genuine (which it does) than it is. Nice score!
Probably not a complete list but I had all this written down.

Commonwealth Countries
United Kindom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Union of South Africa.

W&G 1941, 42
C.M.Co. (C.M.Co.I.)
RD&Co 1942
W.E.&S. Ltd. Whiteley's Equipment &Supply Ltd. 1941, 42
M.&Co. 1941
J.&A.H. 1942
R,M,A, 1941 42
O.B.C.L. / PSC
H&Sons (Hobson & Sons) 1941
G.&S. Ltd 1942
J.H.& Co. (W) Ltd. 1941
M.&S. Ltd.,I. 1941
H&S 1942
Maple 1941
M.B.Ltd.I. 1942
M.H.&Co. 1941
Woods 1940 (Mk VI – Canada)
WAHAB 1942 (India)


AG&CO LTD – Garstin & Co.Ltd.
AG – Albert Gill Ltd.
ALBERTGILL – Albert Gill
AC - Associated Cutters
BAGCRAFT – Bagcraft Ltd.
BHG Ltd. - Barrow Hepburn and Gale Ltd.
BS Ltd. - Bass Smeaton
BLACKMAN – Blackman Leather Goods Ltd.
BEWYSE – Blackwell & Young
R BURNS Ltd. - R. Burns Lrd.
CP Ltd. - Caoutchouc Products Ltd.
HHC & Co. - H.H. Carroll & Co.Ltd.
CC – Civic Co.
CS Co. - County Screen Co.
CB – Crown Bedding Co.
FINNEGANS – Finnegans
FLLTD – Foxcraft
H&S Ltd. - Hampton & Sons
HSL – Hewit Sons & Co. Ltd.
J&AH – J & A Hillman
MW&S – Marin Wright & Sons Ltd.
MHG – Mary Harris Gowns
M.E. Co. - Mills Equipment Co.
PM – Peckwash Mills
PSS – Princess Silk Shade
ROVER – Rover Car Co.
R.P.Ltd.- R. Parkyn Ltd.
SN Ltd. - S. Norton Ltd.
T.T.C. - Teddy Toy Co.
TD – Trefano Ltd.
VESTA Ltd. - Vesta Ltd.
W&G – Waring & Gilbow
W&G is the only maker that has been confirmed as being used in the film, though I'm sure there were others. The coolest one I saw was a maker with the stamp ILM.
I'm flashing back to the BTS stuff on Crystal Skull where the prop guy proudly discusses analyzing a bag from the original films and replicating it exactly. He apparently didn't even know it was an easily acquired found item.
I just bought a MKVII bag from Soldier of Fortune for (I think) a very reasonable price ... and it's left me as confused as Aquarius Steel was.


The one on the right (obviously).

It looks brand new. It feels brand new. It smells old ... but 80 years old? Given at least three companies claim to have found original, unused vintage stock (and I have no reason to doubt them) ... where do these come from?

Has there been one large container of bags found at the back of some warehouse and then sold off to all three (or more) companies?

Are these the separate finds? How are they so completely pristine? There's not a single mark on mine ... it feels too good to be true.

I'm honestly not bothered, if I can't tell the difference and I didn't pay over the odds for it then it doesn't matter if it's genuine or not ... I'm just curious and want to know where these bags have been for nearly a century?
There are still large quantities of WW1/2 surplus being found all over Europe and the US.

There are also those that horded the mk VII's when they where discovered to be the correct bag.
People over on COW had 50 to over 100 that they bought for about $5 each and where slowly selling for $50 to $100+.
I remember my local Army-Navy store had stacks of them for cheap prices. Unfortunately, they had all but a few, been dyed blue, green, etc. for school kids to use as school bags. Luckily, there were a bunch they left original and yes, I bought them all!!!

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