Mirror Chroming Foam, Latex, And Soft Materials.


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Im gonna share with you guys a product invented by my friend Sam at Imperial Products. Its called Imperiflex and it is amazing. Imperiflex was invented to paint soft materials such as polyfoam, Foam latex, L-200, and latex with a realistic mirror chrome or shrapnel metal look. It was used on the Iron man suit. Thor armor and weapons ..It was used on the Captain America shield etc. It achieves realistic or extremely polished looks on flexible materials ( i saw a nerf axe turn into a reflective gold axe)

Just thought that it might be a good product to keep you guys informed of. It is However expensive ..should be applied by a decent power sprayer ( a Husky form home depot will do )...it is awesome ( can be used on hard surfaces too ..better adhesion then Alsa's Killer Cans )

Good news for all you European members ..Sam distributes to mouldlife!

here is his website


and here is his direct number for product info

I may have to give it a go-- I have tried the Also and want that impressed-- maybe I did it wrong, who knows-- we shall see
Sad that I couldn't use it on my Daft Punk helmet, but that's a cool product to add to my material list if I need some weathering on my Pred armor :)

Bte do you have some pictures of the finished look ?
there are some limited pics on the website ..Sam needs to revamp his site a bit more, but Nador ..im not sure why you couldnt use it on a Daft Punk helmet ..he has product that he sells in automotive shops to achieve that look ..here is a pic on his site of a painted Slave 1 model


All i can tell you is that the demo Sam gave and the product i saw were more then enough to purchase 1200 bucks worth of product. Ill keep updated when i can show or at least talk about the results from the shop. Needles to say we will be using it to cover Full body suits
he def needs to showcase the paint more. it's a hard website to find the pics in. looks like a great product. really expensive but really nice looking

EDIT: ah nevermind, i see your second link is the home website and the first was just the store.
Clay will be all over experimenting with this, can tell right off the bat! 

Thanks for sharing George, I am always interested in new products and techniques. Gets the imagination flowing.
My first thought was "hooray, I can now do that 'knight in shining armor' suit I always wanted to do in foamies!!"  Then I see the price---and realize it would be cheaper to make it out of real polished steel.  ;)

It does look like VERY cool stuff, though, and there are definitely places where nothing else would do the job.
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