Microflame Torch


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Microflame Torch aka Jawa Welder, Micro Welder/Torch, Jawa Torch, Hand Welder etc.
Previously identified as a unaltered Microflame Torch/ hand welder used in the movie.

Seen in Star Wars A New Hope- used by Jawas to weld on R2s restraining bolt & by Luke Skywalker making repairs on C3-PO.

I identified screen used welder as Standard/unmarked model Part No. 1000 gold metal- appearing in 1974-1976 RadioShack catalogs. Similar to the Model B version, but did not identify "Model B" text in the screen shots.

Just sharing my 3-D replica build and pictures of the actual welder I obtained. Includes custom stickers.
STL files via Straeker on Thingiverse, re-scaled parts significantly.

Welder images, catalog appearance and research compiled on the webpage below:
Microflame Torch — DESERT SCUM



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I bought one of those for my Dad in the early 70s, I found it last week. With Radio Shack gone, I don't know if you could find new fuel cylinders for it. I don't know which model it was, but it was used a a prop in "The Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E.". They had it hidden behind a large belt buckle. Nothing suspicious about a Spy with a huge, thick belt buckle. :lol:



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Awesome! thanks for sharing an alternate movie they were in... they are neat little devices.
Yea I don't believe the micro cylinders are in production anymore, tracking the torch up til 1999 in the catalogs.