jawa welder

  1. Protoss

    Want to Buy Empty Microflame Cylinders for Jawa Welder

    To properly complete my Jawa welder I'm looking for two emty Microflame cylinders (shipped to Germany). Especially a green "Micronox" and one red "Butane". Any silver one without markings will do as well. The grey ones are not needed. As international shipment of compressed gases by plane is...
  2. ardyjo

    Microflame Torch

    Microflame Torch aka Jawa Welder, Micro Welder/Torch, Jawa Torch, Hand Welder etc. Previously identified as a unaltered Microflame Torch/ hand welder used in the movie. Seen in Star Wars A New Hope- used by Jawas to weld on R2s restraining bolt & by Luke Skywalker making repairs on C3-PO. I...