Mickey & Minnie Walk around Characters

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    Hey All,
    Thought you would get a kick out of these, We are full on Disney and Star Wars Fans and I have always wanted a Mickey Walk Around Costume, Which are unheard of to get, So I had a Make up Effects company that I deal with for my Show Sculpt and mold a Mickey head for me, then the next year he poured another head for my wife, I know Minnie's head is smaller than Mickey's But I didn't want to go through having him Sculpt another head so we just made a smaller nose and color is way different and eye lashes, She looks great then I custom made the Clothes, He also did the Shoes. they mean a lot to us, bummer is I can't wear it to much but I have appeared at our kids Birthdays.
    Hope you dig them!!
    All my best,

    Mickey 1.JPG Mickey 2.JPG Mickey 3.JPG Mickey 4.JPG
    Minnie 1.JPG Minnie 2.JPG Minnie 3.JPG
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