McQue Remora


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I highly HIGHLY recommend building one of these. If you like to have fun and feel happiness in your dreary life. ;)

Here I am busy trying to see in the windows of the cabin to see Obi, cos he's not on deck..........then it clicked! Ooops!

Beautiful work Jason. Did the base plate come with the kit, or is that something else awesome you whipped up?

They have some wild and wonderful stuff for sale on that site, very imaginative. I've been eyeing off the hornet copter for a while now. hmmm.
The base is something I made, thanks! I wanted a nice juxtaposition of "metal" and "glass", and then decided the info plate would be a good addition with the ship's line art, and the rest fell into place :)
Great model and I love you're website, very impressive work.

I'm hoping they will release a new batch of Remora's, I've been combing the intertubes but have had no luck finding one.
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