McQuarrie Vader


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I remember what you're talking about, but I don't remember who exactly it was. I think he stopped to work on the McQuarrie Stormtrooper helmet and that one, I think, did get completed. Hopefully he'll chime in here with some progress.



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Yep. I was among those who had begun. I think SkyGunBro had started a McQ Vader, as well. My mask is within hours of being a completed sculpt. Haven't started the dome, though. The Trooper is still stalled in vacuformer's Purgatory. Partly that's because "Spring Happened". But, "Summer Happened" is next week, so we'll see...

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HOLY COW... How did I completely miss that stormtrooper thread? Most excellent work, imaginager... you should be very proud. :thumbsup Do you have any plans of making extra copies?

Unfortunately, that's not the Vader sculpt I remember (although it's also a great sculpt) so, perhaps it was SkyGunBro's that I was thinking of. :confused

At any rate, I hope one of you guys gets the Vader completed... or I may have to try my feeble hand at it. :lol