Maximus sword


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Can someone help me out.
I need a clean screen capture of Maximus's sword from Gladiator.
There is a great shot of it stuck in the tree just before he removes it.


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Here ya go...

It looks to be two different versions of the sword, one that gets stuck in the tree (stunt) and a different one (hero) when he retrieves it.

Here is the Faxtory-X version


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Originally posted by PHArchivist@Feb 1 2006, 10:02 PM
Oh bless you -- now I don't have to.  ;)
Always happy to help out someone that is VERY busy... oh damn so am I, so I guess I have to help myself out whenever possible as well. :D


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Originally posted by aliensarchive@Feb 2 2006, 12:10 PM
Looks like they put it in upside down for the retrieve.
That is what I initialy thought, but look at the detail on the ball at the end of the handle. In the pic showing the sword in his hand it appears to be a different sword. Although with it stuck in the tree it does look like the hero sword upside down. It's always hard to tell exactly what is going on from just screen caps.


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I really enjoy my Factory X version. One of their better props IMHO. Much better than their Sleppy Hollow sword.


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I thought the Factory X sword was nice as well, but I was surprised how far off it was from the screen used swords. From 10 feet away its spot on and it is sharp looking on a wal however.