Matrix Reloaded Operator's Headset

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Hey Gang,

I found this little project that I started a looooong time ago and decided to finish it up. This is meant to be a replica of the headset Link wore in Revolutions. I used as many screencaps as I could cap, and I was even able to get a hold on the exact model boom mic used.

The ear pieces are hand cut/formed steel, the dual headband is aluminum, and I used various circuit boards/wires for the details. I still need to find more accurate adjustment knobs for the temples, as mine are a bit too big, but I'm happy with it.

I'm working on a display stand right now.

Anyway, here it is:

Screen cap:

Thanks Wackychimp.


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Re: Matrix Reloaded Operator's Headset

I think this thread is long since dead man... might have better luck sending a pm to the person who started the thread.

I am suprised though... I figured the guys and gals here would've had more posts concerning Matrix props.