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    Hey there folks.

    Im new to this whole model making scene, I just started a few days ago. My 1st project is a simple mask, it only covers the face, solid, no flexible parts.

    this is how far Ive come till now:

    My basic idea was to create a plaster of paris cast of my face and to start working with that as a basis. I created 2 little paper horns and attached them to the forehead. Next, I covered the whole mask in a fiberglass body filler layer and sanded it a bit.

    My problem now is that I dont know which material to use next for the final layer. I thought about body filler (bondo) maybe, as the final layer needs to be very smooth at the end. But at the same time, that layer must be durable or maybe elastic so it wont break when the mask falls down.

    My "knowledge" comes from internet research (though I didnt find very much for mask making) and youtube tutorials. You guys, as experienced pros, can sure provide one or two valueable tips, cant you? :D

    I want my Mask to be as durable and as light as possible, what Materials do you recommand? Is the combination of plaster of paris + fibreglass cloth + resin + body filler a better way to go than what I've done now?
    fiberglass + resin seems to be durable, flexible and light at the same time.

    I appreciate any help very much!
    Thx :D

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