Master Replicas returns, Eaglemoss

What happened to Eaglemoss? I went to thier site the other day and they hardley have any Star trek stuff or Galactica
Declared bankruptcy. Eaglemoss is kaput. Existing stock being sold off.

Dumszo's not involved, but depending on who you speak with, the owner of the new digs isn't much better. This is a UK lead operation headed by Darren Epstein, who owned Cards Inc. That company merged with MR when it became Corgi Int'l LTD and had a hand in its demise, but retained the MR brand name as consolation and has been sitting on it since 2008/9ish. Looks like he's using the name to sling old Eaglemoss stock. I wouldn't expect it to go beyond that. Another chapter in tarnishing what once was a great brand. Let it die already.

I still don't understand why anybody in their right mind would use that Master Replicas name, given its current reputation. MR had nothing to do with small ship models or Eaglemoss specifically.

Dymszo on the other hand has boasted since 2019 that Master Replicas will "come back" and that he had purchased the company's assets toward that goal.
Kapute? Bummer, so I take it there will be no The Expance Eagalemoss Rocinante ship replica, was waiting axuiosly for that one. Well, I suppose thier stuff will start going up in value.


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