Marmit Trooper helmet cast (pics)


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I made a mould of a marmit trooper helmet and made some casts in G26 Biresin.
The casts came out perfect.
Here is one that i cut the eyes out of and fitted some green lens.

I've just got to paint the details and then mount it on a mini helmet stand.



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Very cool! I'd love to see pics or a description of your casting process on that? Were they solid cast and dremeled out or spin-cast?

I'd also love replace my Hasbro figure's bucket with a casting.


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I made the casts hollow by spinning the resin around inside the mould. A bit like making a full size fiberglass helmet.

I won't be selling any casts though. Its quite a time consuming process and would not be worth my while making them to sell.




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Nice, Keith! You do good work on any helmet! Just in case you didn't know, the Marmit Stormtrooper comes with a hero version of the helmet. You've got the high brow stunt that comes with the sandtrooper. Just thought I'd mention that in case you want to expand your collection!


Dean O

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Looks great. I've often wondered how my marmits would look with green lenses installed. Can we see a pic without the light inside?
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