Mario Block Box - Complete!


I made this as a present for someone this year for Christmas. Came up with the idea of making a Mario Block to store things in.

First thing I did was make a box. It's made from corner trim from a local Lowes because I was short on time and on precision tools, so having some of the work already done was a plus.

The panels of the box are made from styrene, cause I have a ton of it sitting around.

I cut out styrene in the shape I wanted and then took a mold of it, then cast 4 exact copies. The layered effect is just the styrene shape being placed ontop of another piece of styrene. I realized that cutting that much styrene would make me go mad, so hence the casting.

Aaaand then I realized I should have printed out a picture of the box before I started painting and got the colors inverted. So, yeah. Proper colors now.

The box, all primed up.

And painted.

And, the final product, drying with a clear coat. Woo.

The top of the box.

The painting is a little off on it in places, but I'm happy with how it came out. I've learned a lot about how I'd do things slightly differently next time to make it come out nicer-looking.


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very cool. I've been toying with making a small box for a shelf or something. Or a big one to use as an end table or something.


Awesome. Now to build a real life Mario map.
lol, that would be an interesting build. Or, at least an awesome theme to add to a room. Maybe one day when I get approval for that... :lol

1:1 scale :thumbsup
I don't think I can ever get approval for something of that scale, though. =P

very cool. I've been toying with making a small box for a shelf or something. Or a big one to use as an end table or something.
Yeah, this is actually perfect for a shelf. It's about 7", so it can fit pretty well anywhere.

If you hit your head on it, what comes out? Don't eat the purple mushrooms.

Yeah I do too. I want to redo my room in 80s stuff and that would be awesome to mount on the wall to hold stuff. Very cool. Might have to do something like this after all.
Yeah, it's not too hard of a project. The hardest part I had with it was the painting, since I'm terrible at actually finishing projects, so this was the first thing to get to that phase.. =X :lol

I definitely learned a lot from this project, though. Here's another picture of it, completely put together. And, after seeing it, my girlfriend wants one, so yeah. I'll definitely be making at least one more. I may be posting an interest thread in the JY once I have that one done so I can take more detailed pictures.