Mando N-1 references?


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Has anyone managed to collect some Mandalorian N-1 fighter reference photos? I see that you can't screencap Disney+. Have there been any official photos or prints from the practical prop?


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I purchased the STL of the ship from Gamebody. Aside from the limits of FDM printing, it's about 80 percent accurate. The Rebel Base Builds ship appears to be more accurate. The screencaps mentioned above are ok but we will have to hope someone gets some plans or photos from Lucasfilm.

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I live in the UK and I'm building a Hasbro toy conversion Mando N1 80% scratch built from screen caps, I feel there's enough in screen caps but you have to study them in minute detail and make a few assumptions. You could wait as we may see more of the N1 in the next Mando series or if they spotlight it.
I know it bears little resemblance to the Ep1 craft and virtually none to the illustration in DK books incredible cross sections.
The designers and fabricators must have been given a clean slate to design from. Though supposedly fast It would be fine in space but must be aerodynamically horrendous while flying in air all those open panels would create so much drag ,tear off and rip the craft apart.
Photo from my current build the sculpted seat and hand made Turbonic venturi
turbonic venturi.JPG


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Yes, we may have to wait for season 3 to get better caps. The port engine is not shown very well in the show and I suppose that if you don't mind guessing at details then it's not a problem (not that it's bad to do so)

Between the two sets of STLs I have, the engine details are different. So it's off to do more research!


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Yes I found that while watching the show yesterday. I think I can modify the Gamebody printed engine eventually, once I get the details nailed down.


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Refit1701, Here is link below of some pics of the N-1 Folks have been posting Hi-Res pics on the NET its a start. Lots of details to capture for a build :)
Website Link:: Click on the pics

N-1 Starboard side.PNG

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