Maltese Falcon Help Needed


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Looking on eBay there are usually 2 - 3 sellers offering the Maltese Falcon statues, each claiming their own to be the best and most authentic. Am looking for the nicest, most accurate one available. Haven't seen one in the Junkyard. So if anyone knows which eBay version is best, please advise. Any info / leads appreciated, looking for immediate purchase. Thanks.


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There was a discussion a couple months back on about the Maltese Falcon. There are some good screencaps of the screenused version in there that may assist you in eliminating some of the eBay auctions because they are waaay off. It sounds like the MK version is one of the top models out there if you can find one.

Hope this helps out a little.



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The MK is the one you want.
I've brough mine to the Bay Area Prop Parties a couple times.

Hi D6

Yea....I was probably tempted to set off a smoke bomb as a distraction to snatch it. :love (I go to those parties, I'm the one with the 2 tables with machineguns, the Predator minigun, prop badges, etc.)

Guess I'll be on the hunt for an MK.


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The Man with the Mini Gun.
I know who you are. ;)

MK only did a limited run of them so they are hard to come by, like his Indy Idols.