Making M.O.L.L.E., need help


So, I'd like to make some items with MOLLE webbing on it, like Alice's rig from resident evil afterlife. I actually found 1" mil-spec webbing and buckles from my local REI. What I need help finding is a military spec nylon fabric for the webbing to be sewn to, a binding or trim to bind the edges with, a backing for the nylon, and does anyone have a suggestion for a super high strength thread to use? Thanks in advance!
Hoverboots, I am sorry to get this to you so late. I work with MilSpec fabrics all the time. I build body armor stuff for a select few who shall go unnamed... Anyway, if you want it to be strong you will need an industrial sewing machine. The thread is #69 bonded nylon. I get almost all my suplies from a local seller that carries almost everything for me in a verity of colors and weaves. If you can not find what you are looking for on their site call them and talk to Chuck or Gerald the site is Plastic and Metal Hardware and Fabrics Supply - Gerald Schwartz, Inc.

I hope this helps, If you have any questions about working with this stuff. PM me or e-mail me because I spend most of my time on the General Modeling side of the site.
wow, thanks a million! You have no clue how much this helps. I do indeed have access to several industrial sewing machines, I may PM you with some other questions.

on another note, I'll be making a slightly modified version of Alice's rig, as upon further inspection, I realized her setup was some weird criss-cross webbing spiderweb disaster haha... So I'll be making a practical version of her getup. thanks again!
Hi there, I actually do a bit of work with mil spec MOLLE stuff as well at my job. (I design prototype military body armor).

in addition to the Gerald Schwartz supplier, and occasionally getting supplies straight from the client we do work for, I have also had some success getting smaller amounts of materials from

Typically gear is made out of 500 or 1000 denier cordura. As for your question on thread, the thread used is Tech 70, or what you'll be more likely to see it listed as is Number 69 thread. It is a bonded nylon thread. You can purchase it in quarter, half, or full pound spools.
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