Making a life size Darth Maul using SideShow bust


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So I ordered this bust from SideShow collectables because I want to fix it to a mannequin I have and make a full sized Darth Maul. I don't have it yet, should arrive this weekend, but I was brainstorming ideas on the best way to go about affixing the bust to the torso. From review vids I've seen the base appears to be round and curve out at the ends. I was simply going to take measurements and cut an appropriate sized hole in the torso and epoxy it in, like a puzzle piece. But I've never done anything like this before, and we all know nothing ever turns out to be that simple. Anyone have experience doing anything like this that could offer some tips?
It turned out to be pretty simple. It was just a matter of cutting out the neck line of the torso and sitting the bust right on top. The robes hold it into place securely so adhesion wasn't an immediate concern though I will still do that at a later point.
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Looking great! His pose looks a little weird for how much his head is leaning forward though. That or it just looks like his head is leaning more than it is
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