Making a glowing LOTR Sting blade


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Hey, I'm trying to make a replica sting and i want to make it glow blue when i press a button at the base of the hilt. i need suggestions on what materials to make the blade out of and what paints to use so that light will shine through, but have it look silver when the light is off.
My original idea was Acrylic sheets and metallic spray paint, but i'm worried about the strength of the materials and the diffusion of the light.
Thanks for the help.


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I've seen embedded led stuff done on motorcycles before lumilor paint setup? Never seen it with a metallic though

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That Lumilor stuff is awesome! If you can't go that route then making a dither pattern in the paint and lighting from the inside might work. Only way I know to make a dither pattern is with a laser cutter though. Acrylic is ok as long as you don't flex it so success might depend how thin you make the sword.


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Man, I remember when you could get that MR Sting at Toys R Us for like $20. I picked one up, but then sold it about a year or two later when thinning out my collection. It was one of the best replicas I had, even with the clanking sound effect. I wish I had it back. :(


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Gone but not forgotten.
Not sure how well they hold up over time. Mine has been in its box most of the time. The silver paint on the inside of the polycarb blade is seperating and leaving nasty looking splotches inside the blade. It still works, but appears the materials may be breaking down over time. Bonus is the heavy metal hilt and nice finish on the brushed metal parts.