Making a 3-cell backend for a Graflex flash


So, now that most of my sabers are complete, I had a friend approach me and ask me if I could make her a saber as well. I have an extra 2-cell Graflex flash that I could start with, but I was wondering what the best way to make a 3-cell back-end would be.

So sorry if this is a stupid question, but if I get some 1.5 inch aluminum tube and cut the slotting with my dremel - how do I get the endcap on the tube? Do they sell tube that just has a smooth end instead of being open all the way through? My friend isn't picky about whether or not it has the Graflex stamp on it or anything.

Any suggestions? Or if anyone knows of a place I could get a replica of the back-end to a 3-cell Graflex? I know Parks sells one, and I've had a good experience with him, but I'd like to try him last, since it could take a really long time to receive, and my friend isn't super-picky about the minor details.

The best thing, from my opinion is finding a plu,nomg end cap. They fit into the end of a pipe, if anyone else has any info that would be great. I dont think you can replicate the real end of a flash gun, they are stamped in factories...

Parks is all I know that sells the back half..
Yeah, The Custom Saber Shop sells an endcap/plug, but I was wondering how flush it would be. I might just run to the hardware store and see what I can find.

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Here is the packaging..

I have not seen these in years at BB&B.

I remember years ago when someone here found these and they fit perfectly on the Graflex heads. (once you cut the notches in them)

Alessandra, pm'd you more pics of these next to a parks repro 3 cell bottom.
Thanks for your help! I'll still be keeping an eye out for these in like discount bins and the like though!

For now, I guess I'll just go the route of finding some 1.5" round aluminium stock and an endcap the Slothfurnace way.

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You could jump over to and ask Yoda if he has any spare Graflex tubes. I know he has a supplier that makes new ones for his Graflex chassis. He may even have a few vintage tubes in the ole parts bin.
If you have an end cap, you can have the one that had no bottom for free as i am no longer making the custom. The slots have already been cut out, you just need a bottom end cap.


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