Magnoli Davison Frock Coat

Dave Ward

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Saw this has been posted on the Magnoli site.


This coat is one of the holy grails of Who costuming IMHO, as so many people have taken a shot at this and have ended up with a curates egg.

Would be interested to see pics of a version in the authentic camel colour!
This review was just posted at my site. I guess he likes it! ;)

I feel qualified to offer this review as the coat featured here is actually the one commissioned for me! I love coats and having searched for a long, long time for something different I happened across an old episode of Doctor Who, and quickly realised that Peter Davison’s coat, based loosely on an Edwardian/ Victorian frock style, was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. I wasn’t interested in a costume look (although I can see the colour scheme is available for devotees of the excellent television show) so, as the coat would be used on a daily basis, went for Indy’s suggestion of a more muted black Merino wool blend, with satin piping to accentuate the striking features of the coat, finished off with the sublime lining (again Indy’s suggestion). The coat itself is finished magnificently with a wonderful cut and fits perfectly, and on the first day of wearing I received numerous compliments and questions about the style, and also enquiries about which store I bought it from! The materials used are first class, and I foresee many years of use from this beautiful coat; in fact I am so genuinely delighted that I am saving my pennies for another slightly different variant, perhaps with a more daring colour scheme. I was completely new to online buying, certainly from a clothing perspective, so admit to having many reservations. I needn’t have as the instructions for measurements are very clear and concise (have someone help you with this), and Indy is ever patient, quick to respond to what must appear the most stupid enquiries (from the likes of me) and uses his wealth of experience to pick out potential problems with measurements, and offer excellent advice on material choice and colour schemes. If you’re concerned at all about ordering, please don’t be. Just make sure your measurements are correct and that you clearly communicate your requirements. I cannot recommend this beautiful coat, Magnoli Clothiers and, of course, Indy himself highly enough. I certainly look forward to future business.

I'll be sure to post photos of a tan/red version as soon as we make one.

Kind regards,
I'd also love to see pictures of this unbuttoned. I can't remember an instance when Davison ever did his up, so I would love to see how this hangs.

Also, is the camel material based on the earlier or later frock coat? IIRC it changed colour slightly in Davison's last season, with more grays and less of a yellow hue.
When it comes to slight variation in shades (as with the Indiana Jones pants) we're really just using the closest option from our suppliers. I could post some swatch images, but small swatches are hard to visualize as completed garments when it comes to small variations like you're talking about.
I'll be interested to see how this one goes:thumbsup

For me, aesthetically, I do slightly prefer the second version, but the first version is the classic one and I think harder to pull off if made at home.

Early coat:

Last season coat:
The top one would be called "camel" and the bottom one "light camel". At the moment we are making a light camel version and should have photos ready in about a month or so.

Kind regards,
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