Mad Max: Fury Road Doof Warrior build


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I wasn't going for full accuracy. Just something fun to wear to the upcoming Wizard World in Sacramento. The weather is hot now and I don't feel like wearing my traditional Stormtrooper armor or my new First Order Stormtrooper. I was working on a Deadpool costume but am having difficulites sewing up the custom suit. I have the mask from Illustra Studios il_570xN.749969483_jf9a.jpg

for the Doof Warrior red suit I bought this red thermal union suit. I ripped the seams from the sleeves to replicate the movie version

My guitar is made of a plastic bed pan, hobby boards for the necks, a plastic dollar store whiffle ball bat and funnel for the flamethrower, odds and ends from my kitchen junk drawer, cardboard & craft foam.
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