Machete's SHÉ.. costume help


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Hello my fellow costuming friends.. I'm planning on putting together this costume in time for Spooky Empire, Oct 8th, 2011 in FL.

I need help locating all the guns she uses.. I know nothing about guns.. (make.. models) so I'm calling out for your expertise on this. I'm hoping that there are some airsoft replica or toys I can purchase to make this happen. Especially that BFG she uses.. which is AWESOME!!

Also, looking for that belt buckle has been a pain in the arse. It's a scorpion and a skull to the left.



That sounds like a fun costume! I think I'm getting 'Machete' via Netflix this week...

I'll take a crack at getting things started with the gun identifications-

The pistol on her left hip looks to be a 1911 with wood grips, the the right hip, a 'Desperado' type cut-down double barreled shotgun.

The shoulder holster pistols could be Sig 232's with larger grips (Houge rubber?)

The BFG looks custom to this movie to me. Probably an AR-15 with a lot of stuff bolted on- the giant plates covering most of the gun I haven't seen before.

Is the buckle leather covered?
I think the buckle is leather covered with the scorpion and skull possibly being cast accent pieces glued on. The gun belt is nice, as are other parts of the costume.
according to the link that Mr_Creepy posted.. it looks like the two upper holster guns are SIG-Saver P230

The side arm is a sawed off shotgun

The BFG is a custom AR-15.. umm.. now how to make it look like that will be a challenge :)
so I bought an AR-15 airsoft from eBay and two P230's from amazone..

Does anyone know if airfost makes a sawed off shotgun that looks like the Zebala?

Holly smokes.. $200!! Dam.... gonna have to think about that one... Knowing my own ambition.. I may end up getting it.. ugh! LOL

NOW... I need to find holsters for all these guns.. the shoulder holsters looks like they were made out of leather.. I wonder if they were all custom made for the movie.. any suggestions?

I'm gonna hit the fabric store and see about getting some cheap leather material or vinyl and make it myself with some help from my friend that's a pro at this sort of thing.. I'll post some progress pics soon.

THANK guys.. I love this community :)
I think mejiers sells a toy one. I may have one some place in my garage. Used it for my Ash AofD cistume years back.
Only problem is that is a coach shotgun. She's gun is a modern Shotgun with no Hammers on the outside.

I'd say the holsters were handmade. I made my own I think it looks ok for my first try. It's on my NCR page.
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