luuke and stormpath obi apprentice

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by jamiemp, Apr 9, 2006.

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    i couldnt find the thread on this could someone help me out? it was a comparison thread i believe
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    That thread is probably long gone. Here's a pic of both-same side of the hilt so that one pic doesn't look better than the other, to get you started until these fellas chime in and post their own pics.


    The things I notice are the emitter, the ring at the neck is different on Storm's-he has an extra, the buttons, the copper necks on both are different, Luuke's has an extra step right above his red button, the line up between the grooved teeth in the grip don't have the same line leading into the covertec knob, Luuke's appears to be centered between the teeth, while storm's is to the left ...Both are very fine sabers.
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    Intertesting, the different takes each has on the insides of the emitter.
    I finally aquired one of these as my son is reading the books...
    Mine is the Stormpath version. (the only one I knew existed)

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