Lukes Macrobinoculars (eumig Servomatic/unilectric)


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Hello Everyone,

first of all, i love your work and dedication to built these props, wow.
now i am having a little problem, i am an eumig collector and recently i bought an Eumig Unilectric in America for my european collection which is in Holland. the camera was sold here but under the servomatic name.

it is missing some parts, for example the front plate around the lens which has the brand name on it, i was wondering. could it be possible for me to buy the parts you guys don't use in Lukes binoculars so i can use them to complete my private colection? this way you get rid of some junk, and i get hard to get parts without having to destroy a perfectly good camera. because original eumig spares don't exist anymore

would love to hear from you guys
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